Evaluation Process

The evaluation process is done in order to ensure that your dog has a pleasant experience here at A Fox & Hounds, starting with their very first visit. The entire evaluation process entails 3 short visits depending on your dog’s age, personality, and exposure to previous socialization.

You will drop off your dog for 2-3 hours for their first visit. During this visit, your dog has the opportunity to get acquainted with the facility and the sounds and scents of the other guests. Your dog may be introduced to other dogs of various sizes, energy levels, and play styles to see where your dog is most comfortable. Once we determine your pet’s comfort level and play style, they may be allowed into the appropriate playgroup that day, or this may be reserved for their second visit.

Evaluation Process

Our evaluators, certified in Pack Socialization and Dogmanship, will provide a detailed overview of how your dog interacted during the initial visit. This way, you can better understand how your dog behaves without you around and whether or not they need more time to adjust to the daycare environment. Providing all goes well, you can schedule your second evaluation before you leave. Second and third evaluation visits can be increased to a half-day visit (6 hours or less).

All vaccinations (Rabies Distemper combination and Bordetella vaccines) must be up-to-date prior to the first visit. A negative intestinal parasite test is required every year. Canine Influenza is recommended but not mandatory at this time. Please consult your veterinarian regarding these vaccines. Proof of vaccinations can be emailed (afandh@afandh.com) or faxed (781) 871-2368.

Evaluations are done by appointment. Second and third evaluation visit times are more flexible. Evaluations are $33.00 each, pre-paid. Trial boards start at $69.

  • A credit card is required at the time of booking the first evaluation.
  • A 48-hour cancellation notice is required prior to the evaluation appointment to receive a refund.
  • No-shows will be charged, with no refund allowed.